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TKG Media Productions Services

TkG Media Productions provide a complete video and photography service that start with our customers idea and turns it into wonderful images.  A turn key operation from idea to complete finished product. 

New coming events and produtions

TkG Media Productions is filming a pilot production for an up and coming reality TV show, Long Shot.  A second chance for athlete's to compete for a life changing college scholorship.  

Promote current deals

For our first customers in 2019, TKG Media Productions is including a special for our new clients.  TKG will provide a site visit to explain any adjustments to your porduction or photography shoot.  To provide a complete understanding of compesition and lighting is our goal to make your production a success. 

New Productions for TKG

TKG is working on several projects, these productions are in line with documentaries, short film and corporate videos.  This new year is bring great opprotunities for our team and our clients.